Mobile Application for the Education of Diabetes Self-Management

Dana Lateef Hussein, Hiwa Ali Faraj


There has been, nowadays, a steady increase in using mobile phone by people worldwide. The mobile technology has an effective role on the civilization and very fast-rising in academic, health and industrial sectors. Mobile phones and internet-based technologies are used in the healthcare sector to strengthen communication between patients and healthcare sector such as Diabetes center. Additionally, the software that is used to for self-management diabetes education, controlling and care of behavioral programs for Diabetes Mellitus. The only advanced solution for deficiency and disproportionate difficulties of old-style method is the implementation of a paper and pencil. This paper describes the development of a mobile health application based communication between the patients and the health center in order to deliver better health services. The main objective of this paper is providing m-health for treatment & care self-management diabetes in order enhance the quality of health services and reducing the cost.





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