A Strategic Planning of Developing Student Information Management System Using SWOT Technique

Luay Idrees Sarhan , Akeela M. Atroshi , Nawzat S. Ahmed



The strategic planning of developing any information system is the key factor of progress any organization. Hence, SWOT (Strength, weakness, opportunities and threats) analysis for the strategic planning of developing information system has proved to be a good analysis tool for further development and progress of the universities/organization. Further, the implementation of computerized student information management system has become an important issue within the university campus to exchange such information between students and staff. Many studies have developed student information system through the converting of paper-based system to computer-based system in order to facilitate the work of staff. However, none of these studies focused on the development of such systems based on the strategic planning using SWOT technique. Therefore, this research focuses on the requirements needed to develop student information system based on the aforementioned strategic planning technique. Some universities located in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq have been tacking to do the investigation. Moreover, SWOT technique was selected to find strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of developing such system. The findings of this research were processed as matching strengths with opportunities and converting weaknesses or threats to strengths or opportunities. Based on the results, it has been found that the need to address student information systems is of utmost importance now more than ever in order to survive and continue in the competition environment.


juhd.20160203.28 http://dx.doi.org/10.21928/juhd.20160203.28



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Strategic Planning,SWOT Technique