Boosting Authentication Security by Building Strong Password and Individualizing Easy to Remember Techniques

Nooruldeen Nasih Qader



Newly released researches disclose the need of canceling the incorrect opinion; security by Password (PW) is dead and proves that these believe has been hurtful. Moreover, recommended a campaign prioritize strategies of building PW. Considering the PW features such as costless, maturity and vast experiences, and usability PW continues to be the most used options in Information Security (IS), it is furthermore, consider most challengers to researchers and really needs further boosting. PWs control authentication mechanism of IS, requiring that individuals choose strong PW. The best advice to protect from hackers is randomly generating unique PW for every site and service, to apply this advice we need more techniques of easy to remember and hard to guess. This study proposed a bunch of easy to remember techniques for building a strong PW. Also, it exhibited the importance of similar strategy despite existing of many helpful PW managers. On the other hand, this paper compiled and analyzed today’s data regarding authenticating secure systems via PW. Analyzed data showed some of common weakness in PW selection. Moreover, gathered information and evaluated data indicated the need of boosting PW. Proposed techniques and solutions enable individuals to select appropriate PW easily.





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Boosting Authentication, Strong Password,Individualizing Techniques ,Password Manage