The Challenges of Implementing ECommerce in Kurdistan of Iraq

Ako Abubakr Jaffar, Mazen Ismaeel Ghareb , Karzan Hussein Sharif



The Retailers all over the world are prospering from the burgeoning trend of online shopping. Kurdistan Regional Government is still struggling to grow its e-commerce markets. On the other hands e-commerce in Various countries in the Middle East have some of the world’s highest internet and mobile penetration rates. Alternative payments methods are quickly expanding, and having access to some of the world’s most coveted natural resources that allows countries in their region to have some of the highest GDP in the world. There are several challenges prevalent in the KRG Region market that will require international merchants to develop strategies based on innovation and vigilance. This unique region is plagued with complications many other countries have little to no experience with e-commerce, which highlights the need for retailers to have a deep understanding as to how this region operates before they can begin finding solutions. One of the biggest concerns today's consumers have is the risk of fraud when they are shopping online. With highly sophisticated malware and perceptive cybercriminals, customers' card and bank information can easily be stolen if a merchant does not take the proper security measures. In this paper we summarize all challenges need to be addressed in KRG in order to make correct steps to apply e-commerce in KRG. Finally, the recommendations and framework are proposed for e-commerce to encourage government, organizations, and people to take advantages from e-commerce.






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