Proposed Approach for Enhancement of QoE to Support e-Society

Sufyan T. Faraj Al-Janabi ,Dana Kareem Hama Ghareeb



In recent years, multimedia services and social media applications have become extremely popular as they have been accessed by laptop computers and mobile devices. These can be considered as basic communications functionalities required for building e-society. The heterogeneity of hardware capabilities and network environments result in big challenges for service providers in always providing users with a satisfying experience. The meaning of Quality of Experience (QoE) reflects the degree of a user’s subjective satisfaction, which can be different from the Quality of Service (QoS) concept as QoS is solely related to objective system performance metrics, such as the bandwidth, delay, and loss rate. In this work, we propose a general approach for improving QoE through QoS such as to support various e-society applications and services. Various models and parameters related to this issue are reviewed. The proposal represents a framework that considers different aspects such as classification, marking, routing, and queuing to achieve better controlling of relative QoS parameters.





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Approach ,QoE,e-Society