Web Search Enhancement Using WordNet Query Expansion Technique

Belal Al-Khateeb , Ali J. Hilal , Sufyan Al-Janabi



Search on the internet is a very important process for most people as many people use search engines to do research, obtain scientific documents, browse social networks (such as Facebook, twitter, etc.), email, etc. The user's ability to find useful information by using the right keywords in the query is considered as the main challenge in the search process. Sometimes, the user uses keywords that have more than one meaning where every meaning has more than one keyword to describe it. The proposed system aims to select the right meaning of the keywords and expanding the query to other keywords that have same meaning using WordNet. After the query expansion is done, Google search engine is used to do the search. The obtained results are promising, opening further research directions for enhancing the search process.



juhd.20160203.32 http://dx.doi.org/10.21928/juhd.20160203.32



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Web Search ,Query Expansion