Serious Games in Adaptive Learning؛

Aso Mohammad Darwesh


Most of educational institutions follow classical method of teaching that means same curriculum for all learners in the same order. But new generations look for a system of learning that adapts to his/her personal capacity. Adaptive education or adaptive learning is such a solution which can organize the content of the learning system based on learner’s profile. This process is not simple, especially without using new technologies. Implementing adaptive learning in schools is very expensive. One of the digital techniques used in eLearning is by games. Games which are used for education more than entertainment are serious games. Games are the most famous and effective tools used in education because of the popularity of many kind of game devices and applications. In this paper we try to explain how serious games can be used in adaptive education. We also explore a new idea of using time in adaptive mechanisms. Adapting the content of learning based on multiple criteria not just learners' answers. Wrong answers does not always means inability to do things, or not understanding. Also, this may be due to lack of time or unfamiliarity with the device. This paper will also attempt to uncover the reasons for such delays and thus help us to better design an adaptive game.





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Keyword: Adaptive Learning, Educational System, Serious Game.