HTML5, future to solve cross –platform issue in serious game development؛

Mazen Ismaeel Ghareb


serious games as a learning medium have progressed in the previous couple of years. They have been connected to support learning in different fields, for example, security, medical services, and instruction. Serious games can scale from low spending recreations up to high spending diversions relying upon the recreations' destinations and elements. For example, military may use recreational software with 3D reenactment. This is the majority of scenarios in learning environments focusing on motivation to learn. Nevertheless, game development stays as a tedious, complex, and difficult process. With the use of HTML5, however, there is a growing shift towards web apps as opposed to native code. HTML5 technologies are enabling game applications to run in the browser with some native app functionality. HTML5 has received a great deal of attention since its release in 2009, there are numerous articles and discussions on the Internet. In this work, we present how we can use HTML5 canvas as game engine and use it as a cross platform engine for developing a serious game with implementation of some simple games. We mention the advantage and simplicity of canvas HTML5 for web game development. In addition, we review further cross-platform compilers that support HTML5. Finally, we make a comparison of 10 of cross platform apps that support HTML5 in game development in order to help specify which cross platform can be used in game development generally and serious game specifically.





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Keyword: HTML5, Serious game, E-learning, Web programming, Java script, Cross platform