Comprehension of the Principle of Good Administration in the Framework of EU Administrative Law

Areean Mustafa


Good administration is a European administrative principle that could be deemed as an instrument for enhancing transparency, legal certainty and predictability in administrative procedures. There is no certain definition for the principle. The definitions differ depending on the disparity of the viewpoints. Charter of Fundamental Right of the European Union classifies the principle as one of the fundamental rights of individuals, while the European Union’s Courts differentiate between the various sub-components of the principle to establish a comprehension for their characteristics. The current article suggests that the principle could be understood from both sides, although perceiving it as a fundamental right would more reasonably establish a stronger protection for the individuals in their contact with the administrative institutions; as the individuals’ rights are now more central in the modern administrative systems around the globe.


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DOI : 10.21928/juhd.20170315.11