Online Database Intrusion Detection System Based on Query Signatures

Alaa Khalil Jumaa , Awezan Aso Omar


— SQL injection (SQLI) is a major type of attack that threatens the integrity, confidentiality and authenticity or functionality of any database driven web application. It allows the attacker to gain unauthorized access to the back-end database by exploiting the vulnerabilities within the system in order to commit an attack and access resources. Database Intrusion Detection System (DIDS) is the defense against SQLI that is used as a detection and prevention technique to protect any database driven web application. In this paper a proposed system is presented to protect the web application from SQLI. This proposed system uses a new technique of signature- based detection. It depends on secure hash algorithm (SHA-1), which is used to check the signature for the submitted queries and to decide whether these queries are valid, or not. The proposed system can distinguish and prevent hacking attempts by detecting the attacker, blocking his/her request, and preventing him/her from accessing the web application again. The proposed system was tested using Sqlmapproject attacking tool. Sqlmapproject was used to attack the web application (built using PHP and MySQL server) before and after protection. The results show that the proposed system works correctly and it can protect the web application system with good performance and high efficiency.


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DOI : 10.21928/juhd.20170315.14


Keywords— SQL injection, Web application, Database Intrusion Detection System, Hash function, Sqlmapproject.