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An Eco-Critical Inquiry of John Keats and William  Wordsworth’s Selected Poems: A Comparative Study*

Saman Ali Mohammed : Department of English - University of Human Development, KRG, Iraq


Literature has uniquely played a fundamental role as a reproductive medium or stage where great theories are experientially shown from which one can gain better understanding of human place, its characteristics and human refinement in such a place. Eco-critically exploring the ways that these authors have depicted land and/or nature in their writing, this research argues that their works philosophically display a consciousness of the nature of man and the natural world and exhibit an ecological and environmental consciousness.

The romantic poets were deeply concerned about what nature is and what one can gain from it, and this research attempts at eco-critically discovering the very linkage these writers have portrayed between culture and nature. This research maintains that there are eco-critical characteristics in their approach to the relationship between human being and his natural surroundings. These poets’ concerns about the nature-human relationship tend to be an inquiry on the condition and the place of man. Portraying their understanding of the existence of the natural elements and their evaluation of human existence, culture, and the individuals’ lives are crucial aspects of their artistic legacy.


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DOI : 10.21928/juhd.20170610.36