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Impacts of Syrian Crisis on Turkish-Iranian Relations: (Rojava Factor)*
Prof Dr. Othman Ali
  Assistant Professor, History department, University of Saladdin Visiting Lecturer, Middle East Center: Sakarya University- Turkey
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Zhirwan A. Ismail
 Student of Master, Middle Eastern Study: Sakarya University-Turkey
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The Syrian crisis in general and the Northern Syria (Rojava) cantons have a profound impact on Turkish-Iranian relations.  We have a paradox here where the Kurdish factor seems to have initially driven Iran and Turkey a part and complicated the bilateral relations between the two countries.  However, the Rojava factor has recently forced the two countries to some form of regional cooperation and in the future the desire of Turkey and Iran to prevent the emergence of a Kurdish entity in Northern Syria will be a strengthening factor for the bilateral relations.  It is anticipated that Syrian and Iraqi regimes which share the same concern will join Turkey and Iran in this regional effort to contain or even destroy the Rojava experience.  Nevertheless, the success of this regional effort will be dependent on the future of Russian and American stand towards Rojava.
In this paper, the factor of non-state actors in the current situation of the Middle East has been explained.  The reasons of changing the traditional political map of the Middle East have been mentioned.  Then specifically while talking about the Syrian crisis, Turkey and Iran have been focused on while they have been working for implementing their own political agendas in Syria.  The impact of Syrian crisis in general on Turkish-Iranian relations has been explained.  We then have particularly mentioned the rise of Rojava (the North Western part of Syria) as the main reason that affected the regional policies of Turkey and Iran.  In the rise of Rojava, we have answered questions like who is supporting Rojava and why?  Then we have proceed to explain and analyze the different views with which Iran and Turkey initially had about the emergence of Rojava Regime.  Here in this stage, we have tried to give four main groups that have an effective role in the crisis.  When we understand the nature of these groups, their antagonists and their supporters, we will almost understand the goals and interests of each main actor that supporting them including Iran and Turkey.  Finally, we will reflect upon the Iranian ambitions and strategic goals in the region, taking Syria as an example, and why Turkey is trying to limit the hegemony of Iran.
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DOI : 10.21928/juhd.20170820.22