The journal of University of Human Development is a seasonally scientific journal that is published by University of Human Development, according to ministerial decision issued by Kurdistan Regional Government number (9/15332) on August 5th, 2015. As a reference to a note by the permanent committee of journal publishing which belongs to Ministry of Higher Education, approved on August 4th, 2015, a license is given to the university that allows it to publish the latter journal, as the university had all the conditions to publish a scientific journal. Researches in this journal aim to upgrade the scientific level. Hence, the editorial team would be glad to publish articles from researchers who work in both scientific & human science fields according to the publishing conditions All articles are available under cc by-nc-nd licensing.


Name of the journal: journal of University of Human Development

Publishing type: seasonally

journal fields: both Scientific & human science fields

International Publishing no: ISSN 2411-7757

International number of the journal (online): ISSN 2411-7765


Professor Assistant Dr. Zana Rauf Hama-Kareem

Editor in Chief

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